Dog Grooming Bergen County NJ

Email Consulting Services:

Get help geared toward your own individual concerns and questions. Robin is an excellent source for help on understanding canine body language and off-leash playgroup environments. Send floor plans for review, ask questions, send video footage. If you can send it via email, we can talk about it.

  • One month of unlimited email consulting (you pick the month) for only $99
  • Three consecutive months of unlimited email consulting (you pick the starting month) for only $249
  • Six months of unlimited email consulting (you pick the starting month) for only $449

Personal Consulting in Northern Virginia:

$85 per hour – Includes reviewing documents, visiting dog parks in the area, discussing canine body language as well as answering questions on all aspects of off-leash playgroup or daycare management. Consulting may be conducted in person or via email or telephone.

Personal Consulting Outside Northern Virginia:

$200 per hour (plus expenses) – Includes counseling, touring facilities, conducting staff training sessions, facilitating playgroup sessions with staff members.

$1200 per day (plus expenses) – Payment method: Payment made at time consulting is conducted by check, cash or credit card (Visa or MasterCard). Travel expenses paid in advance.


$300 per hour (max 4 hours) / $1500 for day-long sessions (plus expenses) – Robin is available to speak at your facility on topics related to daycare and playgroup supervision. You are free to charge admission to these events to offset the cost of the speaker’s fee. (Those not charging admission fees will pay the hourly rate for work outside Northern Virginia).

Here are just a few of Robin’s recent seminar topics:

  • How to Own and Operate a Dog Daycare
  • Evaluating Dogs and the Games they Play
  • Safely Supervising Off-Leash Dog Play
  • Dog to Dog Introductions
  • Body Language Seminars